BIKO Group is a restaurant group founded by chefs Mikel Alonso and Gerard Bellver. Today, the group is formed by three great culinary proposals in the city: it’s flagship restaurants, BIKO, LUR Restaurant, and KO MA.

BIKO, founded in June 2007, managed to position itself for a decade as one of the pioneer restaurants in terms of culinary innovation in Mexico, was recognized 6 times by The World´s 50 Best Restaurants and publications such as the British magazine Restaurant Magazine. BIKO closed its doors in 2017 with the promise of an upcoming re-opening.

LUR Restaurant offers, in the Polanco neighborhood, a proposal with the best and most authentic Spanish food, while KO MA in another of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods of the city, Las Lomas, offers the best of Basque-French food with a proposal gourmet of long tablecloths.

Both restaurants are capable of delighting the most exclusive palate, bringing together a great team, excellent ingredients, techniques, and of course the talent of Mikel Alonso and Gerard Bellver. In the philosophy of BIKO Group, the diner will always be the most important.